The Carolinas: Ana Carolina Rodriguez. & Carolina Rodriguez, have been selling Real Estate in South Florida for more than ten years. With a commitment to excellence for all these years we’ve been in the real estate market. The Carolinas specialize in the residential area south of Florida in both new construction and resales. However, our main goal is for the customer to be satisfied and to create a special bond between us and the customer, are located in the most family oriented, exclusive and conformed to every need and desire of each client, we have the motto “Every client is unique and important,” and deserves preferential treatment from rent, purchase, Residential or Commercial. This General Service and the detail that characterizes us, has earned us the trust and an excellent reputation, as Realtors.

The Carolinas: Rather than sharing the same name. We have the same ethics, work objectives, and we love it. The respect and mutual trust, have made more than a partnership we are great friends, this makes us the perfect symbiosis, so that together we can provide the highest level of service to our customers, team work is very motivating because we are enthusiastic, spontaneous and diligent women, we feed each motivate each other, it is what makes our job fun.

The agreement as Team The Carolinas is to make the process of investment, purchase or rental of property, a pleasant and successful search for our clients, we specialize in residential and investment return for local and foreign clients, which we have allowed to travel to various countries in Latin America and acquire numerous contacts and connections that are vital to the successful operation of real estate. The Carolinas is and wants to be for you your sales in real estate in South Florida and the world our customer.